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A Life on a Tween Drama by Elyse Age 13

Elyse So did you ever notice that in grade school everyone has there own group first theres the girly girls who think there so cool then your sporty guys you could'nt care less about you than theres your some what video game guys also know as nerds then your normal people and none of those groups can combined what so ever or whoosh DRAMA!!!! 
what group am I in personally I dont know but... I love my friends it just drama I could live without I know  in movies and that they cover you on what happens in you life high school collage work death ect. But there bearely any on a normal life in drama and what to do  but everyone excpects you to go to your parent's HA HA!!!! Like your gonna tell your parents what goes on and school and you who like and what your friends talk about and if you dont go to your parents they expect you to go to your teacher again HA HA!!! Like your gonna fo up to your teacher and tell them whats going on then they help by getting the other kid in trouble that helps NOT it makes it worst people now call you are called a  tattle tale and no one wants to hangout with you cause you might get them in trouble so what do you do with drama. everyone says inore them HA HA!! everytime i inore them it leads to drama like "why are you inoreing me"  why are you mad" or they inore you to so your alone at recces  heres my oppinon on what to do don't let it beat you shw them wrong shoe them that your more than what they see show them when you grow up you ARE gonna make that difference and make somthing of your shelf dont let DRAMA rule us and take a step we have all been there and just remeber your not going back :)