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Simple Star by Jordan


Image courtesy of bulldogza /


Image courtesy of bullgogza /

Let them be as clouds, 
always in everyone's way,
taking up nothing but space,
trying to attract all the attention they can.  

I'd rather be a simple star, 
only come out during the night, 
shine equally among others
I'd rather shine in my little space ,

than take up room and cover over everyone, 
selfish, conceded, only care about themselves
and not those  around them.

 I'd rather be a small light, 
out in the open,
for anyone to see, 
than block out everyone in sight
and only focus on me.  


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Reader Comments (1)

I really like that one. Being a "simple star" makes things easier in life! (:

February 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterOlivia

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