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Fashion by Abby age 12


What does fashion mean to you? It could mean just about anything, as long as it is something you love.

Firstly, fashion should express your individuality. Whenever your wearing something, it should make you feel unique, even if some of your favorite fashions are what lots of other people are wearing. Don’t feel afraid to wear what you want. No matter what other people may think.

Secondly, you have to have appreciation for the designer or brand of your garments. For example, UGG boots are really popular. Maybe a lot of people you know own a pair. Just because you’ve seen many people wear them, you shouldn’t have to feel obliged to buy some just because everyone else is wearing them. If anything, I think it would be more admirable to set you own trends, rather than blending in with the crowd.

Lastly, if your having trouble finding a style that really speaks to you, you can find inspiration in the people around you and you can even find inspiration in nature! And of course, you can always flip through magazines to see what’s trendy.

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Its kind of hard to deal with crushes...especially if ur like me and ur crush barely notices u...but all u have to do is act casual.
It may sound weird to totally ignore the guy u really like...but if he notices u ignoring him he might think ur not into him...especially if hes popular and all the girls are over he may notice u and start to like u
If u end up getting his attention...hang out with him a lot but not to much. Then...take it into ur own hands...thats the best advice i can give

August 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEvelyn age 12

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