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Life as a Tween by Jordan age 12


I am a tween.  A tween isn’t an actual word, its more of a term for an age group that’s in between still being considered a kid, and almost considered a teen. 

In my experience a tween is not a teenager yet, but is not really a little kid anymore, we’ve STARTED to mature ( but not that much by the looks of the kids in my grade) we still have our immature moments or our teen like meltdowns, but hey, I guess that’s what parents are to expect when we are in between two very different age groups.  We are right in the middle, so I guess parents can expect lots of different attitudes. 

Now, coming here from a “tween” I’m not really sure why this is such a big topic, we are not some type of zoo animals that you can sit around and observe, we are people.  We’re just in between two types of people, so we have our own attitude.  To be honest, I never really thought about my attitude adjustments from a kid to a tween, I never really thought of my age group to be some sort of interesting topic, I just live life like everyone else.  I don’t really think about what to consider myself, a tween.  A lot of people have a hard time figuring out just what a “tween” actually is.  I had just never thought of myself like that, I am sure grown-ups wonder but when you are at that age, you really don’t. 

Life as a tween: life as tween…. I’m not exactly sure how to describe life as a tween, to be honest?  I just live my life like everyone else.  I get a lot of homework now that I am in middle school, but I still have free time to watch TV, read a book, go on my laptop or listen to music. 

I guess for me,  I have what I call, a normal schedule:

      Wake up

      Get dressed

      Put my bag together

      Walk to my bus stop

      Listen to music on the bus


      Walk home from bus stop

      Do homework

      Possibly go to a friends

      If not listen to music

      Go on computer

      Watch TV



      Go home on bus with carpool or get home

      Do homework

      Go outside

      Get changed for sport

      Pack water and leave

I would say I have a pretty normal schedule, I guess, even though I am a tween, I never really thought that people would be interested in my age group.  This is how I would describe my life as a tween.




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nice blog kinda like a diary

March 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbella

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