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Holiday Gift Giving: Sometimes You Should Just Say No

Created by Toa55 at www.freedigitalphotos.netThe holidays can be a hectic time especially if you are the parent of a tween. Holiday giving can be tricky business when it comes to pleasing a tween. Caught betwixt and between the elementary school years and teen time, finding items that appropriately hold their interests can be difficult.

Your tween of course has no trouble offering a detailed wish list. How do you determine what to get however, when you have concerns about the appropriateness of almost all the items on the list?

‘That video game seems too violent,” “that clothes line is too sexy,” “does everyone really have a cell phone?”

It is at a time like this that you are reminded of how fast your child is growing up. You can still picture him talking on his plastic pull phone, or whipping up meals for you in her play kitchen.

A stark contrast to today, when you are contemplating if any of the items on her list are age appropriate. After all, you want her to feel like she fits in but not if the cost is dressing like she’s a Playboy bunny!

Of course you can confer with your friends. Get the dl (down low) from the other parents also placed in this position. Even if you get the green light on lots of the items, should you still get them if you don’t feel comfortable? It is indeed a difficult dilemma, well, not really. You are your child’s parent. Call it a stroke of fate, but he is tuck with you! And the good news, you not only have the authority but the right to just say no!

Who cares if Johnny’s parents are permissive, or Sally’s parents think you are a prude, you are the king of your own castle, and how you choose to rule remains your choice.

In reality, your tweens are at an age where they need limits. They look to you to let them know what is acceptable and appropriate. So don’t be afraid to tell him that you don’t care how old he is, that violent video game is not for him, ever; you don’t care if all her friends are dressing that way, she will have to find another way to make a fashion statement, one that involves more appropriate clothing is a start.

Sometimes the greatest gift we give our kids is by affirming our authority to say no.