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What exactly is a tween?

Tween is the term used to describe pre-adolescence. Kids are considered tweens between the ages of around 8-12 years old. 

Tweenage is the transitionary period between childhood and the teenage years. For most kids the tween years are full of changes developmentally, emotionally and socially. 

it's a tween's life was designed keeping in mind the changes and challenges of these awesome and often exciting years. 

This site was created as an interactive resource and for parents and tweens regarding everything tween. Your suggestions and insights are always welcome. Make good use of What Do You Think to offer thoughts, ask questions or create new content.

A weekly blog will present the voices of parents and tweens. If you are interested in being featured Contact Us. This site belongs to you we hope you will make it your own!

The Creator

Dr. JPl

Dr. Jennifer Powell-Lunder is a clinical psychologist specializing in work with children, adolescents and their families. She is the co-author of the book Teenage as a Second Language, her second book, and creator and co-writer of an interactive informational website for the parents of teenagers. Her articles are feautrued regularly on GalTime,Yahoo Shine, and The Christian Science Monitor. She also enjoyed tenure writing on Family & Pets for New York’s She has been featured on Yahoo, AOL’s ParentDish, Mamapedia and many other blogs and websites too numerous to name. She is profiled in Westchester Magazine’s January 2012 feature on ‘People to Watch.’ She is a published researcher, accomplished speaker and consultant on teen issues. She has been featured internationally and is a regular contributor to Parenting Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and syndicated Tribune papers and has appeared on radio and television including, NBC’s TODAY in New York, Better TV, More, WCBS, Fox, ABC, NPR and their affiliates talking about teen issues. Jennifer is the Program Director of an adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit at Four Winds Hospital. She is an adjunct professor of psychology at Pace University. In addition, Jennifer sits on the Board of Directors for Family Ties, a non-profit family advocacy agency serving Westchester County, NY. She maintains a private outpatient practice in Katonah, NY.

Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor who lives by the motto “It’s not about surviving, it’s about living.”